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Teacher Education through Distance Mode: An lndepth Study

, School of Education, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India

Indian Journal of Open Learning Volume 10, Number 2, ISSN 0971-2690 Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University


Abstract: Teachers have an important role to play in making education relevant to the needs of the emerging modem society. Only enlightened, competent and emancipated teachers can meet the aspirations of society by providing quality education to learners. This is be possible, only if teachers are well trained through effective teacher education programmes. The standard of teacher education programmes deternines the quality of training provided to teachers. The maintenance of standards and quality in teacher education programmes has of-late become more challenging in view of the demand for training from large number of teachers. This demand can not be fulfilled by formal teacher training institutes, but can be met through distance education. However, doubts about the quality of teacher education programmes through distance mode persist. Therefore, it was felt desirable to conduct an indepth study of a teacher education programme (6. Ed) offered through distance mode in a phased manner. This paperpresents the findings of the study conducted under Phase I with a focus on 'a status survey of teacher education programme (6.Ed) through distance mode, ' offered by, State Open Universities and Correspondence / Distance Education Institutes. On the basis of the findings, suggestions for improvements in the major aspects like faculty strength, preparation of quality course material and its delivery by strengthening student support services and through effective monitoring and evaluation system have been offered. It has been further suggested that a critical mass in the faculty of education as suggested by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) is needed to ensure professional inputs and quality maintenance. Due importance to practical components of the programme i.e. practice teaching, school-based and community-based practicals is given


Sharma, M. (2001). Teacher Education through Distance Mode: An lndepth Study. Indian Journal of Open Learning, 10(2), 193-202. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Retrieved May 30, 2020 from .