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Transition to lnternet Based Learning in IGNOU: A Learner's Perspective

, Iildira Gaudhi National Open University, New Delhi, lndia

Indian Journal of Open Learning Volume 10, Number 2, ISSN 0971-2690 Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University


Abstract: The emergence of lntemet has revolutionalised the open and distance learning. Technology mix in this area has opened new doors for the teachers and the taught, and has enhanced the accessibility of the distance education system many-fold. Thanks to the growth of technology and the increased popularity and access of lntemet resources, many institutions have launched their programmes through Internet. However, the success of the programmes launched through lnternet primarily depends upon proper identification and harnessing of communication technology and other related tools. Since knowledge changes very fast in this information age, the institutions have to find new ways and means to reach people with new and updated knowledge. The increasing complexity and heterogeneity of the learner profile demands greater variety of courses and a high degree of interaction. lntemet technology enables more independent, interactive and collaborative learning, and provides an opportunity for intellectual and social interaction. However, access to lntemet in lndia is not yet easy and widespread and the constraints like non-availability of electricity, frequent disconnection of telephone lines and performance of the PC dominate the scene. This paper highlights certain critical aspects of launching an lntemet programme in the lndian context from the learner viewpoint with special reference to the computer programmes launched by the lndira Gandhi National Open University, lndia in 1998.


Pulist, S.K. (2001). Transition to lnternet Based Learning in IGNOU: A Learner's Perspective. Indian Journal of Open Learning, 10(2), 135-149. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Retrieved July 11, 2020 from .