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Learners’ expectation on future ODL Policy of India

, , , Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

Asian Journal of Distance Education Volume 12, Number 2 ISSN 1347-9008


Education system in the world is changing very rapidly with help of technology and upcoming changes in imparting education to the learners. Technology based learning is leading in the current era, Indian higher education system also moving towards this direction. New education policy of India also emerging with inclusion of Choice Based Credit System, Technology based learning, Online education and blended with technology in all the level of higher education. IGNOU is one of the pioneer institution in distance education; the learners of distance education are heterogeneous, multi-lingual, multi-cultural background and widely spread learners across in India. IGNOU conducted a national-wide mega survey between in year 2016 and 2017 and collected the feedback from 7,812 participants towards the learners views on “future ODL policy of India”. A questionnaire was framed to know their requirements and choices like equivalent recognition and employment opportunities, delivery of ODL programmes, study preference mode (SLM, online, blended and mixed), additional skills required for gaining employability, preference for the Learner Support Services, opportunities of collaboration between industry and ODL institution, opinion about Choice Based Credit System, and kind of programmes should be offered by ODL system etc. The aim of this paper is to analyse the learners’ expectation on ODL education policies. This paper facilitates to the ODL Institutions and Educational Policy makers to work on curriculum design, implementation and imparting latest development in education like Online education system, OERs, MOOCs (Swayam) etc. based on the learners’ feedback.


Gowthaman, K., Singh, N. & Awadhiya, A.K. Learners’ expectation on future ODL Policy of India. Asian Journal of Distance Education, 12(2), 4-19. Retrieved November 18, 2018 from .