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Distance Learning in the Musical Field in Romania through European-Funded Projects

, Academy of Music \u201eGheorghe Dima\u201d Cluj-Napoca ; , Academy of Music \u201eGheorghe Dima\u201d - Cluj-Napoca, Romania ; , Academy of Music \u201eGheorghe Dima\u201d - Departament of Distance Learning

iJAC Volume 11, Number 1, ISSN 1867-5565 Publisher: Kassel University Press GmbH


The organization of Romanian distance learning in music has been supported in terms of research, collaboration and financing by European projects, with the following achievements: training of teaching staff involved in distance learning, assistance in activities meant to introduce ICT in general schools, construction of a platform dedicated to distance learning activities, creating a database with instrumental accompaniments for singers, designing multimedia courses, assessing distance learning programs offered by the Academy of Music Gheorghe Dima in Cluj-Napoca.The Prelude Training Programme on ICT in Music Education \u2013 a project aimed at developing a training programme for in-service music educators, as there are many ways in which technology helps educators meet instructional goals: Programs designed to help students develop their musicianship or improve their knowledge of notation and skill in reading notation, support with improvisation skills, notation and sequencing programs which assist students in composition activities.Vemus - Virtual European Music Schools - a programme which focuses on teaching music notation or performing instruments, involving execution of rhythm patterns, melody, music scores; E-vocal learning, with simultaneous appearance of sound and notation, conducted by famous musicians. DIMA - Direct Impact of Multimedia Application - a platform that comprises courses, audio and video examples focusing on music history, performing and listening activities.The partners proceed from various areas (higher education, innovation/development centers), and the projects were conceived to stimulate the implementation of ICT in the educational process in music, approaching teaching staff as a target group, and students as an interested party.The need for such products was revealed by interviews and questionnaires and the results\u2019 evaluation proved that the online environment can be accessed in order to develop educational resources, enrich lesson content, motivate and engage children in music education, deliver information and learning opportunities, stimulate children in their musical endeavors.


Nedelcu\u021b, N., Pop, C. & Nedelcu\u021b, A. (2018). Distance Learning in the Musical Field in Romania through European-Funded Projects. International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), 11(1), 36-43. Kassel University Press GmbH. Retrieved February 19, 2019 from .