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Teaching Mode of Dance Appreciation Micro-course Based on Primary Teaching Theory

, Hubei Communication Technical College

iJET Volume 13, Number 8, ISSN 1863-0383 Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering, Kassel, Germany


A dance appreciation course is set up in colleges to cultivate the aesthetic judgment of students and enhance their comprehensive accomplishment. However, in the traditional teaching mode, teachers are given insufficient time to deliver the contents of dance appreciation courses, thereby leading to some problems such as the fragmented knowledge structure of students and an ineffective course delivery. To address these problems, a new teaching mode called “micro-course” was designed in this paper based on primary teaching theory. By placing dance appreciation at its core, the micro-course teaching mode is divided into four stages, namely, activate old knowledge, demonstrate new knowledge, apply new knowledge, and digest. A “four-in-one” (creation–teaching–performance–appreciation) dance micro-course was then designed followed by the construction of an online learning mode that is suitable for dance majors. Multiple experiments were also conducted to verify the effect and universality of this teaching mode and to provide a valuable reference for future studies on teaching public art courses.


Yang, S. (2018). Teaching Mode of Dance Appreciation Micro-course Based on Primary Teaching Theory. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(8), 133-145. Kassel, Germany: International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved February 19, 2019 from .