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Design of Digital Network Shared Learning Platform Based on SCORM Standard

iJET Volume 13, Number 7, ISSN 1863-0383 Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering, Kassel, Germany


Aiming at the problem of low utilization rate of teaching resources, a personalized recommendation system of digital teaching resources under SCORM standard was put forward. Based on the learner's learning process, standards and personalized recommendation techniques, a SCORM digital teaching resource management model was constructed. According to the rec-ommendation algorithm of collaborative filtering in personalized recommendation technology, a digital teaching resource recommendation model based on SCORM standard was constructed. The SCORM digital teaching resource library system based on collaborative filtering technology was designed and implemented. The system was evaluated. The data of the assessment were analyzed. The results showed that the recommendation system had a good promoting effect on the learners. Therefore, the system can provide personalized recommendations for learners. It improves learning efficiency.


Yanhong, S. (2018). Design of Digital Network Shared Learning Platform Based on SCORM Standard. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(7), 214-227. Kassel, Germany: International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved December 14, 2019 from .