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Design of a College English Mobile Learning System Based on CAD Model ARTICLE

, School of International Education, Dalian Polytechnic University ; , Foreign Language Department, Dalian Medical University

iJET Volume 13, Number 4, ISSN 1863-0383 Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering, Kassel, Germany


With the development of mobile Internet technology and the advent of the information age, people's demand for mobile learning is growing and the studies on mobile English learning platform are also drawing more and more attention. In this article, firstly, the background of mobile learning is introduced and a Conversation-Activity-Distribution theoretical model, CAD, is proposed with activity theory, situation cognition theory and distributed cognition theory as the cognitive basis. Then, the students\u2019 demand and expectations for implementation, function and content of the mobile learning system are learned by the combination of experiential researches and questionnaire surveys. A model of college English mobile learning system is proposed based on the CAD model, the overall structure of the model is discussed and its various functional modules introduced. With vocabulary learning as case design, the process design, function design and adaptive design of the system are introduced and the functional interface to the system demonstrated. Theoretically, this article enriches the theoretical basis of mobile learning and improves the methods of mobile learning system. Practically, through the studies on related learning theories, it puts forward a CAD theoretical model and carries out the case study on English vocabulary, which are conducive to the popularization of mobile learning in English learning and the improvement of teaching quality.


Zhang, X. & Bi, J. (2018). Design of a College English Mobile Learning System Based on CAD Model. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(4), 139-149. Kassel, Germany: International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved September 22, 2018 from .