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Serious Play in Education for Social Justice - A Mixed-Methods Evaluation ARTICLE

NAERJ Volume 7, Number 1, ISSN 2254-7339 Publisher: University of Alicante


Fair Battles is a 12-week Swiss education for social justice program with the goal of sensitizing high school students about the impact of their consumer habits on society. The pedagogical concept of Fair Battles is to employ the tool of serious play to enhance students\u2019 social empathy, which then leads to service learning projects. This exploratory mixed-methods study examined the impact of the program by using pre- and post-program student surveys (n=16) and post program semi-structured qualitative student interviews (n=10). The survey data were analyzed using SPSS and the interview data were analyzed using template analysis. The results were organized according to Kirkpatrick\u2019s four-level evaluation model. The quantitative results show a statistically significant increase in the post-program survey scores for the learning and behavior level. The qualitative results suggest that the program had a positive impact on students on all four of Kirkpatrick\u2019s levels. The conclusions are that the Fair Battels program is impactful, that social justice education needs to be holistic and that the combination of serious play and service learning elements seems to be effective for social justice education. Further research in the area of social justice education and serious play is recommended


Wartenweiler, T. (2018). Serious Play in Education for Social Justice - A Mixed-Methods Evaluation. Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research (NAER Journal), 7(1), 61-69. University of Alicante. Retrieved July 20, 2018 from .