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Social Research Methods 2.0: e-learning design ARTICLE


Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society Volume 13, Number 3, ISSN 1826-6223 e-ISSN 1826-6223 Publisher: Italian e-Learning Association


Starting from a reflection on the aims and learning outcomes of the undergraduate course on social research methods and an analysis of the entry level skills of students, especially related to the reasoning with number, this article illustrates the design process of the course in a blended format. In particular, we present the activities of translation, implementation and innovation of the logical and conceptual structure of quantitative empirical research in the e-learning environment. From our point of view, the use of the e-learning platform allows learners to overcome the difficulties that they usually have in the quantitative analysis of social phenomena.


Catone, M. & Diana, P. (2017). Social Research Methods 2.0: e-learning design. Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, 13(3),. Italian e-Learning Association. Retrieved March 20, 2018 from .