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For whom, and for what? Not-yetness and thinking beyond open content ARTICLE


Open Praxis Volume 9, Number 1, ISSN 1369-9997 e-ISSN 1369-9997 Publisher: International Council for Open and Distance Education


This article traces a line through contemporary critical perspectives on open online education, which challenge an emphasis on content and access that gives too much weight to instrumental goals of education. This article offers the concept of \u2018not-yetness\u2019 as a productive lens for examining alternative meanings of openness. Not-yetness emerged as a response to a dominant discourse of technology in education\u2014including technologies of openness\u2014that has been characterised by rhetoric of control, efficiency, and enhancement. Not-yetness invites a rethinking of online learning and digital education in terms of risk, uncertainty, and messiness and brings our attention to the variability of open education contexts and learners. Using examples of a \u2018federated wiki\u2019 and \u2018agents beyond the course\u2019, the article shows how higher education pedagogies can and should engage with boundary-crossings between openness and closure, and demonstrates the value of the perspectives that such engagements bring to the fore.


Collier, A. & Ross, J. (2017). For whom, and for what? Not-yetness and thinking beyond open content. Open Praxis, 9(1), 7-16. International Council for Open and Distance Education. Retrieved August 17, 2017 from .

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