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Restorative Virtual Environment Design for Augmenting Nursing Home Rehabilitation

, , Aalborg University Copenhagen ; , Professor Department of Architechture, Design and Media Technology

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Volume 9, Number 3, ISSN 1941-8477 Publisher: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research


With increasing age, muscle strength decreases excessively rapidly if physical activity is not maintained. However, physical activity is increasingly difficult with aging. This is due to balance, strength or coordination difficulties, arthritis, etc. Moreover, many nursing home residents become unable to experience natural surroundings. Augmenting a conventional biking exercise with a recreational virtual environment (RVE) has shown to serve as an intrinsic motivation contributor to exercise for nursing home residents. RVEs might be able to provide some of the health benefits that regular nature experiences do. More studies on content of proper custom designs for RVEs are necessary. This paper reviews the background for RVE design, describes four custom RVE designs for recreational VE exploration and presents user preferences among nursing home users concerning content and other pivotal design considerations.


Bruun-Pedersen, J., Serafin, S. & Kofoed, L. (2016). Restorative Virtual Environment Design for Augmenting Nursing Home Rehabilitation. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 9(3),. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. Retrieved September 19, 2017 from .