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Learning from the “Edge” of Virtual Worlds

, Tel Aviv University & Metaverse Labs

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research Volume 9, Number 3, ISSN 1941-8477 Publisher: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research


During 2016 we got many JVWR submissions that dealt with the future of virtual worlds. Of them, a group of papers seems to suggest new angles and unique points of view. We packed these top five papers into this Edge issue. Each of them pushes the boundaries of the disciplines in a different way. Together, they demonstrate the dual value of JVWR, first as a stage to explore the future of virtual worlds (defined broadly) and then help to shape the future of real worlds.


Sivan, Y. (2016). Learning from the “Edge” of Virtual Worlds. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 9(3),. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. Retrieved November 18, 2017 from .