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The Need for Theatre Arts Education in National Reformation

, , Federal College of Education, Nigeria

ILSHS Volume 19, ISSN 2300-2697


This essay discusses the concepts of theatre arts and education, and the convergence of theatre arts education in national reformation. In-between cultural norms and religious values, the theatre artist as an evangelist can provide solutions to reform the declining morals and values of society. This crucial role of the theatre artist is what the author articulates and urges us to consider as an option to regain our country’s lost glory. The increasing threat of social degeneration and global insecurity calls for this genre to bring about peace, unity, prosperity and development in Nigeria. The author recommends that government and stakeholders should give support and recognition to theatre arts as a profession and remind parents, teachers, community and religious leaders to restore family values. Theatre arts can crystallize action for national rebirth or re-orientation as it mirrors the society and propagates strict spiritual, moral and behavioral education to characterize child upbringing and training. Theatre arts education can influence character and moral discipline in youths and make the society a better place by stemming the tide of the growing number of delinquents who are easily enlisted and indoctrinated by terrorists, gangsters, fraudsters, kidnappers and armed robbers


Aleshi, R.U. & Iloh, C.N. (2013). The Need for Theatre Arts Education in National Reformation. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences, 19, 208-216. Retrieved February 24, 2020 from .