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Touch NMR: An NMR Data Processing Application for the iPad

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Journal of Chemical Education Volume 91, Number 11, ISSN 0021-9584


Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy has become one of the most powerful technologies to aid research in numerous scientific disciplines. With the development of consumer electronics, mobile devices have played increasingly important roles in our daily life. However, there is currently no application available for mobile devices able to perform basic NMR data processing. In this article, we introduce Touch NMR, a free iPad application for basic NMR data processing. It is capable of handling free induction decay data in the Agilent, Bruker, and JEOL Delta formats. It can also accomplish basic NMR data operations, such as fast Fourier transform, phase correction, baseline correction, referencing, peak picking, integration, and others. Furthermore, in Touch NMR, distortionless enhancement by polarization transfer spectral editing, relaxation-time fitting, and 2D spectrum displaying with projections in two dimensions are also available. For the purpose of offering users a better experience, multitouch functionality and cloud storage are additionally provided. Finally, it is believed that Touch NMR can save considerable time for both instructors and students in tackling NMR data processing, during in-class education as well as during exams.


Li, Q., Chen, Z., Yan, Z., Wang, C. & Chen, Z. (2014). Touch NMR: An NMR Data Processing Application for the iPad. Journal of Chemical Education, 91(11), 2002-2004. Retrieved September 17, 2019 from .

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