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The use of new technology for piano instruction in a structured learning environment

, Teachers College, Columbia University, United States

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There are many computer programs dealing with music theory and composition which use MIDI and electronic synthesizers. Most of the programs currently available overemphasize the drill and practice approach toward music learning. Other types of programs which are currently published include notation and sequencing programs. There is a gap that needs to be filled in the teaching of beginning piano. Music educators now have a technology that can assist the piano student by helping the student evaluate a practice session.

The purpose of this dissertation is to develop a flexible program of study using new technology that will facilitate students' evaluation of their piano practice in order to avoid rote drill and practicing mistakes, so that students literally become their own teachers. Finale files of the Robert Pace Music for Piano Series Books One through Four are presented on floppy discs in a format that can be used with Practice Room 1.0.

Music learning uses the senses of sight, touch and hearing. This new resource adds a visual dimension to help students problem solve more effectively in their practice. The files offer creative experiences for improvisation and other individualized options such as transposition and improvisation. The materials are appropriate for both the beginner and the intermediate student.

For the beginner, hands alone practice, while the computer “plays” the other hand, is possible. The student will be able to practice each piece at any tempo and gradually work up to a goal tempo. Particular technical problems, dynamics, tempo, rhythm, accuracy, touch and nuance will be addressed by the way the program enables the student to evaluate a performance.

By evaluating a musical performance with the feedback of the computer, new technology will assist the teacher and the student to prescribe remedies to problem solve and for the student to become his own teacher.


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