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Developing educational materials in bioprocessing using an ontology database management system

, University of Florida, United States

University of Florida . Awarded


An ontology database management system was utilized for developing an educational outreach program at UF/ES CSTC (The University of Florida’s Environmental Systems Commercial Space Technology Center) with the objective of disseminating research information generated at ES CSTC. The purpose of educational outreach of a research center is to educate the targeted audience about various aspects of research conducted at the center. Information technology can facilitate educational outreach by supporting and enhancing various functionalities for success of the educational outreach program.

A database approach to managing and developing educational and training materials (websites, simulations) is presented that utilizes ontologies and object database treatment systems to better manage educational resources and enhance learning of waste treatment processes. Examples in the area of solid waste treatment and wastewater treatment are presented. An ontology is used to define and organize the concepts in the domain, in this case concepts involving the biology, chemistry, and physics of waste treatment. A database, rather than files, is used to store and distribute concept objects. Web-based data visualization tools are used by instructors to develop and manage course content. Objects can be projected to a number of different presentation formats, including Web sites and printed materials. Evaluation of a 2-D simulation of a bioprocessing experiment showed that Web-based simulation can offer many of the experiences of hands-on laboratory exercises. The immediate advantage of this approach is that educational programs can be more easily produced at lower cost compared with conventional tools currently available.


Badal, R. Developing educational materials in bioprocessing using an ontology database management system. Ph.D. thesis, University of Florida. Retrieved November 20, 2019 from .

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