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Facilitating team process skills in engineering student design teams using a Web-based coaching system

, Wichita State University, United States

Wichita State University . Awarded


The practice of engineering occurs in teams. Therefore, engineering educators must continue to construct and evaluate methods for helping engineering students learn how to work in teams. This thesis explored the development and evaluation of a method for offering team process training and feedback through the weekly use of a web-based site. The web-based model (TeamCoach) provided structured team process skills training and presented it to individual engineering students on design teams: (1) when needed based on the stage of team development and (2) customized for individuals based on individual decision making style, learning style, and preferred conflict resolution style. A database stored information on individual team members and captured reported team symptoms as the team developed over time.

This study did not show improved team outcome as a result of team process training. However, this study did identify and document problems that students reported on their teams as the teams developed over time. Identified problem areas include: (1) setting effective team goals; (2) identifying and training team leaders; (3) holding all team members accountable; (4) conflicts among team members; (5) structuring and planning design projects and (6) running effective meetings. These results are useful in identifying areas for future interventions and training. Empirical support is provided showing that teams that received training showed greater task cohesion than those teams in the control group. Implications of this study for further team process skill training development are discussed.


O'Connor, S.A. Facilitating team process skills in engineering student design teams using a Web-based coaching system. Ph.D. thesis, Wichita State University. Retrieved December 6, 2019 from .

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