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A study of the impact of mobile phones as learning tools for youth in Southern Baptist churches

, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, United States

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PROBLEM: The problem of this study was to determine the differences between two groups of learners across four specified learner variables. The two groups were students using mobile phones and students without the use of mobile phones in youth Bible studies in selected Southern Baptist churches. The four learner variables were cognitive test scores, affective test scores, student motivation scores, and sociometric scores.

PROCEDURES: A test was administered to randomly assigned groups of youth ages fourteen to eighteen in the spring of 2012. Students in the control group participated in a three session Bible study without the use of mobile phones, while students in the experimental group completed the Bible study with mobile phones. The students represented three churches from Midland, Ellis, and Gaines County, Texas. The means of the cognitive, affective, student motivation, and sociometric scores were compared to test for significant differences between students using mobile phones and students without mobile phones. The Independent Samples t-Tests was used to compare mean scores and test for significant differences. A total of fifty-one students' tests qualified for the study.

FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS: The Independent Samples t-Test revealed significant differences in student motivation scores between the control group and experimental group with the students using mobile phones scoring higher on motivation to learn. In addition, a significant difference was found between groups on affective scores with students using mobile phones scoring higher. No significant differences were found in cognitive learning scores. The sociometric scores indicated no negative impact on social interaction. The qualitative portion of the study found that students using mobile phones were more interested and excited to learn than students without mobile phones. Youth leaders and educators should consider using mobile phones to motivate students. In addition, when developing Bible study curriculum for youth, designers should give special attention to options for the use of mobile phones.


Odom, J.D. A study of the impact of mobile phones as learning tools for youth in Southern Baptist churches. Ph.D. thesis, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Retrieved October 23, 2019 from .

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