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A descriptive study of teacher's perceptions: The use of computers in secondary art classrooms

, University of Georgia, United States

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Technological change has been slow to come in art education classrooms, and art educators need to take the initiative to put the computer to use. Many art educators have recognized that computer technology and its applications have promise for art education. The need to more fully understand how the computer is being integrated into the art classroom provided the catalyst for this study.

The primary purpose of this study is to identify how computer technology has impacted art instruction in the component areas of Disciplined-based Art Education in high school art programs in the United States and to determine what role such technology should have on teacher training institutions in the future. Qualitative research methodologies were selected to identify a sample population and to collect, analyze, and report information concerning the perceptions of nine high school art teachers regarding the use of computers in their art programs.

The perceptions of these art teachers regarding the impact computer technology has had upon their art instruction and their art classroom was presented in the findings, and conclusions were made which assisted in creating a grounded theory or baseline for future computer use in the art classroom.

Implications of the study for art teacher preparation programs as well as for veteran art teachers is presented in the final chapter. These implications include a rationale to add computer technology to the art program; the types of knowledge art teachers need about computers and software programs; the reasons pre-service art educators should learn to make art with the computer; the need to garner support for adding computer technology to art programs; the integration of computers into existing studio programs; the development of methodology to use the computer in art history, aesthetics, and art criticism; the use of the computer for word-processing, page-layouts, and databases; and the importance of the human element in the classroom. It was concluded that the roles of the computer in art education are muitifaceted.


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