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Technology in multi-level marketing

, Arizona State University, United States

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The subject of technology and its use in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has risen over the years in different situations. There are some MLM organizations that have implemented technology to some degree for information distribution and ordering. The extents to which technology may be used and the impact that such use will have on the MLM industry have not been determined. This research study investigates the perceived effect of Internet technology usage in the areas on motivation and training of the downline distributors. With increasing competition and continual change within the business environment, many network marketing organizations are faced with a new economic rationality that results in apathy and detrimental behavior. Ongoing training and motivational studies have become the subjects of many research studies as organizations strive to continue to improve their productivity and ensuing profits. The purpose of the present research study was to explore the perceptions of leaders in a large network marketing organization regarding the use of Internet technology for the purposes of training and motivation of their downline distributors. To achieve the goal, the following research question was developed: What are the attitudes of the marketing leaders who are using this technology for motivation and training of their distribution force? Qualitative research approach was employed to gather the information from the distribution force to analyze and answer the research question. Six leaders within a large network distribution organization were interviewed regarding their perceptions of using Internet technology for training and motivational purposes. Upon evaluating the willingness of upline sponsors (leaders) and the downline distributors in a major network marketing company to use the Internet to train and motivate, the results showed that the leaders were using both the Internet and traditional methods for training and motivating their downline distributors. The results of the study show that they were satisfied with the current use of the Internet. Not only were they satisfied, but also they were anticipating greater use in the future, with the growth of technology in the area of webinars that will allow them to train in an interactive environment.


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