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Teaching C programming on the World Wide Web: A system and evaluation

, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, United States

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln . Awarded


The advantage and popularity of the World Wide Web make many educators extol it as the most promising media for the future. It has two major powerful features. One is its multimedia format--text, graph, audio, and video. Another is the nonlinear access ability. The environment of the World Wide Web includes the HyperText, computer-based, and distance education. It is an economic and efficient way for education. The purpose of this study was to design a Web-based undergraduate C programming course, to examine the feasibility of using Web to deliver classroom activity, and to implement a formative evaluation to the features of this Web-based course.

The participants in this study were students who enrolled in CSCE251k course at University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Spring and Summer session 1996-1997 and others who liked to learn C programming but did not enroll in the course. There were 27 students in tbe Spring semester, 10 in the Summer session, and 10 who didn't enroll in the course. The Web-based course tried to deliver the entire classroom activities. It includes tutorial system, discussion board, ask question form, reference Web site, and survey form. At the end of session, I compared the final grade of those students who enrolled in the course and collected the evaluation questionnaire data from those students who used the Web-based course.

The design of the Web-based course was written in HTML, JavaScript and CGI. The total number of lines of the Web-based course for this C programming course covering 8 weeks of instruction is approximately 7 thousand lines. The result from the evaluation survey showed the strong positive influence in learning C programming from the using of Web-based course. The further research should focus on the virtual classroom model in studying the effectiveness and the design of a web-based course.


Yang, T.J. Teaching C programming on the World Wide Web: A system and evaluation. Ph.D. thesis, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Retrieved October 22, 2019 from .

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