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Real-time immersive articulation of the human body in the WITS virtual training environment

, McGill University , Canada

McGill University . Awarded


This thesis examines the potential of using virtual reality (VR) to implement virtual environments for training in suitable tasks, and demonstrates that this potential can be fulfilled. The Virtual Reality Welding Intelligent Tutoring System VR-WITS incorporates advanced features such as 3D video display, sophisticated navigation and object manipulation interfaces, human representation and an expert system to validate operations. All these human-computer interaction techniques are brought together, they offer the opportunity of learning with a virtual training environment rather than the usual classroom-like experience. VR-WITS is a VR-based “learn-by-doing” system developed for the training of maintenance workers in performing grounding welds of various equipment. In particular, this thesis describes the design and implementation of a synthetic human model to be incorporated in virtual environments (VE) for training purposes. The human puppet represents the trainee in the virtual world. This puppet is capable of performing task simulations and mimicking the trainee movements in real-time. Interaction mechanisms are analyzed and described and then experimental results are presented and discussed.


Badra, F. Real-time immersive articulation of the human body in the WITS virtual training environment. Master's thesis, McGill University. Retrieved October 22, 2019 from .

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