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A descriptive case study of ESL teachers' beliefs about and pedagogy in computer-assisted writing instruction

, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, United States

Indiana University of Pennsylvania . Awarded


Earlier research has been inconclusive in describing how teachers of English as a second language (ESL) actually teach in contexts of computer-assisted writing instruction (CAWI). This dissertation reports the methodology and findings of a case study that examined the pedagogy, technology, beliefs, and contextual factors of three ESL teachers who taught their writing courses with computers. This study also examined ten computer-assisted language learning (CALL) teachers' pedagogy, technology, and beliefs about CAWI.

Patterns emerged from a triangulation of data which included interviews with three ESL teachers and their students, interviews with ten CALL teachers, live classroom observations, video recording of the writing classes, the researcher's journal, and relevant documents. The patterns which emerged from within and across the data provided a basis for thick descriptions of these three teachers at work.

The analysis of these patterns, which focused on writing pedagogy, writing software and hardware, teachers' beliefs and contextual factors, raised several issues: (1) The writing pedagogy teachers' used in the context of CAWI was similar to the pedagogy used in traditional writing contexts that use pen and paper. (2) The teachers used commonly available software such as word processors and e-mail. (3) Type and model of computer hardware was not a prevailing issue for the teachers. (4) The effect of contextual factors was observed across the three cases, with the influence of lab layout being the most apparent. (5) The teachers exhibited a range of beliefs about teachers, students, software and hardware, and the context of CAWI. These beliefs influenced their teaching. Suggestions for further research are included.


Almozaini, Y.H. A descriptive case study of ESL teachers' beliefs about and pedagogy in computer-assisted writing instruction. Ph.D. thesis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Retrieved October 17, 2019 from .

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