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Four-Dimensional Modeling and Simulation for use in Interactive Airspace Training Materials

, Northcentral University, United States

Northcentral University . Awarded


The findings from this research provide evidence that a four-dimensional flight-training program can improve flight-planning results for individual pilot and flight dispatcher students. Data collected from 22 student volunteers recruited from Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio were analyzed using the Independent Group t-Test. These raw data were used to determine a 27% passing rate for those in the control group and a 73% passing rate for those in the experimental group. A required minimum score of 70% was used as the benchmark for passing. The results demonstrated there was a statistically significant difference for points earned on the flight-planning task for the experimental group versus the control group using a two-tailed analysis, t(20) -2.07, p < .05. In addition to the traditional flight-planning materials and information provided to both groups, the experimental group was also supplied with the novel four-dimensional airspace presentation and interface. An examination of the mean level of difference between the students determined that the experimental group exhibited statistically significant improved performance using the novel interface compared to those in the control group. The results of the Levene's Test for Equality of Variances indicated that the two variances were approximately equal between the groups. The study addressed the research gap for Satellite Tool Kit (STK) generated four-dimensional airspace presentations and interfaces in aviation academic applications. Future researchers may expand on these findings by testing refined interfaces with larger and more diverse student and professional populations at multiple locations. This acquisition of knowledge is also applicable for operational aviation and non-aviation fields where similar visualizations and interfaces might be useful.


Shepherd, A.D. Four-Dimensional Modeling and Simulation for use in Interactive Airspace Training Materials. Ph.D. thesis, Northcentral University. Retrieved November 17, 2019 from .

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