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Fostering technology integration among middle school teachers: A self-study of my role as curriculum leader and teacher

, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln, United States

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln . Awarded


This self-study of my teaching and curricular leadership was initiated through a one-to-one laptop technology integration among middle school teachers. Teacher understandings are explored and challenged regarding what it means to integrate technology. The research period occurred during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years with a combination of six, seventh and eighth grade, teachers from a cross-section of curricular areas including: English, ELL (English Language Learners), Reading, Social Studies and Special Education.

Self-study methodology enabled me to inquire into curricular problems situated in my practice and those of other teachers while researching, collecting and analyzing data. This self-study illustrates the essential, intersecting roles of teachers, professional development and coaching with technology integration.

Emerging from this self-study are interrelated themes concerning professional learning: evolving teacher identities through reconsidering knowledge and curricular integration, building a language of teaching practice, forming a passionate learning community over time, and sustaining the passion through participants' continued investment of time and care in deliberative spaces purposefully created for professional learning. Findings suggest the important roles of teachers attending to technology integration substantively connected to curriculum, the transition of professional development to continuing professional learning and how coaching conversations support teachers with integrating technology. Pedagogical thinking has been enhanced in all involved through an examination of how teachers come to understand technology integration. Insights gained from this study may prompt substantive technology integration rather than emphasizing technology skill and acquisition separated from curriculum.


Bolamperti, C.K. Fostering technology integration among middle school teachers: A self-study of my role as curriculum leader and teacher. Ph.D. thesis, The University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Retrieved August 9, 2020 from .

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