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Global education across cyberspace: Role of the Internet in education for global awareness

, University of Alberta , Canada

University of Alberta . Awarded


This study explores the possibility of the Internet contributing to the goals and objectives of global education. It attempts to explore the content and the processes that exist in relation to the users and the technology at the connectivity level besides inquiring into the man and machine experiences at the personal level. The emphasis is on the overall cultural context relating to elements of global education. The discourse focuses on the intercultural relations pertaining to local and global issues. The browsing itself was confined to sites that were relevant to human rights, antiracism education and cross-cultural issues.

The methodology involved content analysis of selected global education sites on the Internet over a period of 18 months, individual conversation interviews and focus group interviews with 6 undergraduate students from the Faculty of Education, University of Alberta.

The findings of the study show that there is a need for becoming more aware of global issues. Like all other tools, the use of the Internet requires critical analysis of the process of using technology and the nature of information available on the Internet. The development of critical pedagogy and empowerment was dependent upon the global educator rather than the medium. The experience with the machine and technology evoked questions about issues relating to culture. It was realized that culture was neither fixed nor finite but was mutable and influenced by power and struggles. It also became obvious that in Cultural Studies, theory was actually “contextual intervention” that entailed mapping connections and articulations. The Internet experience also elicited questions pertaining to the evolution of multiple identities even as one shared the common concerns with like-minded people. In order to enhance the role of the Internet in contributing to the goals of global education, it became obvious that further appropriation of the communication network system for classroom teaching was imperative. Most importantly, there was an agreement to the crucial need for critical and judicious filtering of information available on the Internet.


Anchan, J.P. Global education across cyberspace: Role of the Internet in education for global awareness. Ph.D. thesis, University of Alberta. Retrieved October 13, 2019 from .

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