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An epistemological study: Wiki in the composition class

, University of Wyoming, United States

University of Wyoming . Awarded


Recent articles regarding the use of wiki technology in the first-year college composition course have claimed that using the technology helps students better understand theories of social knowledge construction popular in composition and rhetoric theory. Amid the enthusiasm for the potentials of this relatively new technology, little research has been done to substantiate such claims. The purpose of this thesis is to test claims being made about wiki technology by integrating it into the curriculum of a first-year composition and rhetoric course at the University of Wyoming.

This study uses research methods including student surveys, student interviews and instructor observations in an attempt to answer such questions as: Does using the wiki leave students with a better understanding of a social epistemology? Does the wiki help to replace, extend or resist the traditional constructs of authorship and ownership students harbor? How do pedagogical assumptions and student attitudes impede students' acceptance of collaborative invention? After reporting the results of the research and discussing student assumptions and pedagogical conflicts with the epistemology surrounding the technology that may inhibit students from fully engaging in the openness of the technology, the thesis suggests that first-year composition course outcomes may need to be altered in order to more seamlessly integrate the technology into the curriculum.


Armetta, J. An epistemological study: Wiki in the composition class. Master's thesis, University of Wyoming. Retrieved October 13, 2019 from .

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