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New wineskins: Formation of a ministry of multimedia education integrating the Bible, geography, and archaeology

, Drew University, United States

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New Wineskins documents a project that focuses on developing a ministry of education by producing multimedia, educational tools for the International Churches of Christ from a center in Jerusalem. These tools were used to educate the members of these churches in the areas of the Bible, archaeology, and geography. The tools were not a one-time effort, but were the beginning of a continuing project of producing multimedia tools for an educational ministry.

Lay members from the Jerusalem Church of Christ and the New York City Church of Christ volunteered their time and talent to produce these multimedia, educational tools. Four educational tools were produced—a journal, a video, a web site, and a CD-ROM. These tools were viewed by the members of the New York City Church of Christ and evaluated by them. The lay members working on the tools reviewed this evaluation. This enabled them to see what changes needed to be made in future tools to make them more effective.

The paper is a “how to” manual. By reading this paper one can learn how to launch a multimedia, educational ministry. The paper takes the reader through the process of selecting lay members to help on the project. It continues through the various tasks involved in producing a journal, a web site, a video, and a CD-ROM. Then the paper helps the reader draft surveys, which are used to determine the effectiveness of each tool. All the work is thoroughly documented and easy to follow. This paper can help anyone create a ministry of multimedia education within his or her church.

An article that evaluates technology theologically supplements the paper. The bibliography considers books from the fields of archaeology, Bible geography, multimedia, and Christian education.


Kinnard, G.S. New wineskins: Formation of a ministry of multimedia education integrating the Bible, geography, and archaeology. Ph.D. thesis, Drew University. Retrieved March 6, 2021 from .

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