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A descriptive analysis of a case study: Integrated curriculum through filmmaking

, The Ohio State University, United States

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In this study, I present research concerning the development and implementation of an integrated filmmaking curriculum over a three-year period of time. The purpose is to illustrate the possibilities and pitfalls of such an approach for public elementary school settings. The literature review is focused on both the possibilities and constraints imbedded in practice, specifically related to research in the areas of constructivism, school reform, integrated curriculum, and visual culture.

This document provides a description of the framework through which the research was accomplished and includes a chronological narrative account of what occurred at the school during the development and implementation of the filmmaking curriculum. It also provides details relating to the development of nineteen films created by elementary students and faculty at the school using 16mm and digital technology.

The information is organized to account for the presence or lack of characteristics specific to integrated curriculum development and practices (Beane, 1997) such as: organization around self/personal and social/world concerns, democratic social integration including heterogeneous grouping, participatory planning, and collaborative problem solving, a lack of bureaucratic structures, evidence of personal, social, explanatory and technical knowledge, a shift in traditional relationships, and the (re)integration of knowledge as it is used in everyday life.

I believe that my research will help to alleviate some of the confusion and skepticism about integration by adding to the existing literature, thereby providing a broader lens to develop an argument for the development of integrated curriculum as a valuable teaching approach in public schools.


Sheridan, M.A. A descriptive analysis of a case study: Integrated curriculum through filmmaking. Ph.D. thesis, The Ohio State University. Retrieved October 20, 2019 from .

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