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CD ROM: A passage to Broadway musicals

, Michigan State University, United States

Michigan State University . Awarded


Musical theater is a vibrant art form that re-invents itself constantly. By doing so, it remains relevant to each new generation here in the United States and worldwide.

This thesis involves the development of a multimedia CD-ROM to introduce Broadway musicals to non-native speakers of the English language, This CD Rom aims to educate them on the vast literary, dramatic, aesthetic and cultural values the musicals portray, thereby creating a greater international appreciation for this art form. Through this instructional CD-ROM, users can explore the production process of these masterful pieces of art.

This paper is a supplement to the CD Rom in which the developer's motivation and design methods are discussed; and the results of a group evaluation and its implications are presented. It is hoped that this CD-Rom will awaken users' interest in musical productions, and inspire them to see beyond the merriment the musicals have provided.


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