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Using multimedia as a tool in administrative decision-making: A teaching case designed to foster collaborative management strategies

, Teachers College, Columbia University, United States

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The purpose of this study was to examine multimedia communications as a tool in developing common understandings of the issues currently under study by shared decision-making teams. A secondary purpose was to determine the perceptions of the teaching case method of instruction by the participants.

Twenty-four educators were enrolled in a 30-hour inservice program entitled "Multimedia in Communication and Decision-Making" instructed by the researcher. Participants in the inservice program were provided instruction in the use of multimedia software (HyperStudio and PowerPoint) and presentation skills. The teaching case method of instruction was used to provide realistic applications of the multimedia.

To identify the effectiveness of the multimedia, pre- and post-surveys were conducted, a questionnaire was developed examining the effectiveness of the teaching case and multimedia, focused interviews were held with ten of the participants, and each student was asked to keep a log/journal throughout the inservice program.

The data collected, based upon the participants' perceptions, indicated that while multimedia was not as difficult to learn as was perhaps originally perceived, and that it was a more effective way to communicate than traditional lecture formats, the time necessary to prepare the presentations and understand the issues associated with the teaching case was still substantial.

Interactivity, while possible without multimedia during a presentation, was viewed by participants as enhanced by the application of multimedia to the teaching case. Presentation skills and comfort in working with multimedia technology were substantial factors in the kind, and level, of interactivity that was encouraged.

The results of the study recommend further examination of the relationship that interactive multimedia can play in the communication of issues associated with shared decision-making and other educational issues that require greater community understanding, participation, and support. Kinds and formats of multimedia presentations, training, time available for multimedia development within current school structures, knowledge in multimedia applications, presentation skills, and group process skills for the educator are also identified as needed components in successful multimedia presentations.


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