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The development and testing of an interactive listening guide system for instructors of music appreciation

, University of the Pacific, United States

University of the Pacific . Awarded


This study examined the effectiveness of a researcher-designed, computer-based, interactive listening guide system for use by instructors of music appreciation courses. The system was designed to control audio compact discs and present coordinated graphic displays describing musical events as they were heard. Its effectiveness was examined by comparing student outcomes of two subject groups, one exposed to the interactive system in one section of a music appreciation course and another exposed to traditional materials (audio compact disc player, textbook, and writing on the board) in another section of the course. In the first part of the study (“instructional effectiveness”), outcomes were quiz scores and attitudes toward instruction; in a second part of the study; in a second part of the study (“transfer of learning”), outcomes were the quality of student-generated listening guides based on music of their own choice and attitude toward this activity.

Results indicated that although there was a marked difference in the reporting of enjoyment of the instructional experience between treatment and control groups, there was no significant difference in any of the product outcomes, such as quizzes or student-generated listening guides. Additional opportunities to examine and compare the effects of the two different modes of instruction over longer periods of exposure is one of nine recommendations for further research reached as a result of this study.


Bodley, D.G. The development and testing of an interactive listening guide system for instructors of music appreciation. Ph.D. thesis, University of the Pacific. Retrieved October 20, 2019 from .

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