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Designing an adaptive coach in collaborative learning systems using service-oriented architecture

, Multimedia University , Malaysia

Multimedia University . Awarded


Collaborative learning serves as an important part of e-learning to increase interactivity and accessibility to various learning resources. There are four main problems to be addressed in this learning context. First, there is a lack of user centered design and development of the collaborative learning system. Second, there exists a lack of effective coaching to support and improve the learning process. Third, traditionally, most of the functionalities in legacy collaborative learning systems, which can be reused, are being implemented as a standalone system. Heterogeneity occurs and integration is difficult due to platform dependency problems. Furthermore, the client and server paradigm, which does not practice time and cost efficiency, slows down user performance and system usage. In the decision of adopting service-oriented architecture to design the collaborative learning services, there is a lack of formal verification framework to verify various artifacts of service- oriented development in assuring the quality of the services developed. Fourth, in the process of invoking reusable functionalities (e.g. learning services, coaching services, and etc) in the distributed environment, users need personalized guidance in order to help them to achieve the learning goals according to the users' entry level and behaviour interactivity with the system. We enhance learning outcomes through identification and correlation between common and individual goals in the collaborative learning environment and increase the degree of coaching provided to students. Adaptive coaching can be provided through the incorporation of the cognitive apprenticeship model. The work also adopted and verified a reusable methodology in addressing reusability and interoperability problems. Common learning services can be designed platform-independently and can be integrated according to users’ needs and levels. The approach highly addresses interoperability problems faced by current existing standalone learning systems. We also design an adaptive coach in a distributed environment, which is personalized to different user groups.


Fang Fang, C. Designing an adaptive coach in collaborative learning systems using service-oriented architecture. Ph.D. thesis, Multimedia University. Retrieved November 20, 2019 from .

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