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Post-graduation effects of an educational technology program: The case of Peach Springs Elementary School

, Northern Arizona University, United States

Northern Arizona University . Awarded


This study addressed the need to evaluate educational technology and its post-graduation impacts on former students of Peach Springs Elementary School District #8 (PSESD #8). The study targeted identification of the strengths and the deficiencies of the educational technology program. It also focused on identification of relevant recommendations that could be considered for the school.

The research utilized three separate sets of data. Two were qualitative in nature and the third was more quantitative, being derived from information available in a 1989 grant proposal. The first data set was gathered through a focused mini-group interview. The second was collected from several in-depth interviews with members of the study populations. The last data set came from information gathered and compiled in a United States Department of Education (USDE) proposal from PSESD #8. Research date taken from all sources were reported in matrices to demonstrate the use of triangulation.

The overall intent of the research was to evaluate the educational technology program of PSESD #8 and determine the post-graduation effects of the program on students that had participated in it. Their perceptions of the program and the transferable skills obtained were evaluated.

Recommendations for program improvement have been considered key end results of the research described herein. They include: tracking of students after graduation; hiring a full-time person to be in charge of programming, planning for future educational technology, and more parental involvement; training students to become critical thinkers; promoting more development of basic skills; improving reading skills; improving training of school staff; promoting more meetings with key stakeholders; increasing visitations to other schools; including more special functions for community involvement; developing more parent involvement and products completed by the parents and students; establishing contests; submitting articles to local media; and developing a parent literacy program.


Clarke, D.R. Post-graduation effects of an educational technology program: The case of Peach Springs Elementary School. Ph.D. thesis, Northern Arizona University. Retrieved November 13, 2019 from .

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