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Middle school students' progress following completion of the Larson Math Interactive program

, Walden University, United States

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Previous studies have been conducted to determine if the Larson Math Interactive (LMI) program has had an impact on the academic performance for low performing students. However, more research was needed to determine if the LMI had an effect on the mathematical achievement for seventh and eighth grade students. This inquiry also raised the question of whether the students’ achievement had an effect on their perceptions of their experiences after using the LMI. Data were collected from 188 7th and 8 th grade (low performing) mathematical students who attended a middle school in South Carolina. Aligned with learning theory, this quasi-experimental study was conducted throughout the 2007-2008 school year where students in the experimental group used the LMI in a computer lab 10 times and the control group was not exposed to the LMI intervention. Test data was collected from the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) for both groups before and after the treatment. The repeated-measures analysis of variance compared the mean differences for every strand of proficiency. When compared to the control group, the students in the experimental group showed significant gains on the MAP. Significant differences were found in algebra, numbers and operations, geometry, and data analysis. In addition, student survey results were measured by an independent-measures t test, which revealed that the experimental group had significantly higher perceptions of their performance after using the LMI than the control group. A recommendation for teachers is to use technology as a tool for a remediation plan for low performing students. The implications for social change are that teachers who make use of research based software programs can help students to overcome their mathematical weaknesses and to enhance the learning for all students in their high school endeavors.


Cobb, C. Middle school students' progress following completion of the Larson Math Interactive program. Ph.D. thesis, Walden University. Retrieved November 19, 2019 from .

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