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Teachers' perceptions of online professional development in literacy

, Edgewood College, United States

Edgewood College . Awarded


This study sought to describe perceptions of teachers regarding the influence of online professional development (oPD) in literacy on their instruction and students' learning. The following features of effective professional development were analyzed: content-focus; collectivity; coherence; duration; and active learning. As well, the study analyzed viability of oPD to improve teachers' capacities, teaching practices, and students' learning. Three voluntary users of oPD provided data from logs, interviews, and surveys. They reportedly perceived oPD as convenient, nonthreatening, and time well-spent. Additionally, participants agreed that they learned new knowledge and skills as a result of oPD. Two of the three participants reportedly perceived that their oPD experiences reflected the five features of effective PD. One participant reportedly perceived oPD to have four of five features, with collectivity as an absent feature. Participants reported that oPD positively impacted their teaching and student learning. This study found that voluntary users of oPD in literacy were largely satisfied with their oPD experiences. The study made two recommendations: first, districts should provide structure to encourage shared learning from oPD. Second, districts must balance opportunities to disseminate professional knowledge and build initiatives with self-navigated oPD.


Garbe, A.Y. Teachers' perceptions of online professional development in literacy. Ph.D. thesis, Edgewood College. Retrieved October 22, 2019 from .

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