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A clarinet repertoire software database for college teachers

, Arizona State University, United States

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First-year clarinet professors should have a command of the major works in the standard clarinet repertoire. During their undergraduate work they will have studied and performed pieces such as the Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Poulenc Sonata, and Fantasiestücke by Schumann. As they move into graduate school and their techniques become more advanced, however, it is common for clarinetists to focus on twentieth-century works that demand extended techniques. This focus on modern music during final years of schooling leaves little time to study the vast repertoire of works that suit younger students. A gap is thus created between literature with which the new professor is most familiar and that which is most suited to undergraduate clarinet majors. Designed to bridge that gap, this research project results in a CD-ROM database that comprises all literature found in the personal libraries of two leading clarinet pedagogues, Robert Spring of Arizona State University and Howard Klug of Indiana University. The database will also assist new professors in finding unfamiliar works, which will be useful in teaching college students.

In utilizing the personal libraries of Spring and Klug, I hoped to access a large percentage of the most current and best-regarded music for the undergraduate clarinetist. I chose the libraries of these two professors due to their unique styles of teaching and their reputations in the clarinet world. Each has extensive performance and teaching credentials, as well as very different styles of performing. I have conducted a personal interview with each professor, which centered on pedagogical issues.

My clarinet repertoire database does not include all literature from other clarinet bibliographies; however, many of the current works are also included in other indexes. The repertoire is organized by specific difficulty levels that correspond to the grades: novice undergraduate, advanced undergraduate, and graduate student. The user may search the database by composer, title, genre (i.e., Sonata or Concerto), instrumentation, or grade level. The CD-ROM includes not only the repertoire database, but also transcripts from my pedagogical interviews. The user may consult the interviews to gain further insight into teaching university students. Finally, the software is written so that the user may add works according to individual needs.


Ballif, A.B. A clarinet repertoire software database for college teachers. Ph.D. thesis, Arizona State University. Retrieved October 13, 2019 from .

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