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Engineering education professors' perceptions of technology

, Purdue University, United States

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The purpose of this study was to determine the current perceptions of technology among engineering education professors. Engineering education professors were chosen for the study of this research because engineering education as a field hold similar interests in K-12 education of technological concepts. While some engineering education professors have interest in K-12 interests, others are primarily interested in undergraduate education. The research was conducted to identify what perceptions and misconceptions engineering education professors had about technology. Determining engineering education professors' perceptions of technology is the first step in understanding how these professors view technology education. These findings can be helpful in informing engineering education about technology and the technology education curriculum. The study had three main conclusions. First, there was a perceived definitional difference between what engineering education professors and technology experts think when it comes to what technology means. Secondly, engineering education professors believe in the importance of personal technological literacy as well as technological literacy for others. Third, engineering education professors would like to see technology take a greater place in K-12 education. This includes more inclusion of technology within curriculum and federal level testing.


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