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Advantages and Disadvantages for Developing and Implementing an Online Course using Computer Literacy

, Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College, United States

Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College . Awarded


The world of online education is changing more quickly than ever. This research aimed to identify the pros and cons for developing and implementing an online course using Computer Literacy as an example. To gather the needed data, a survey questionnaire was used. Percentages were computed to analyze the answers of the participants. The results showed that eighty-two participants agreed that the evolution of the online Computer Literacy course and its implication is capable of changing from campus-based class. A well-structured model is developed from the survey participants' requirements and Blackboard online training from the class developed by the TNS Department of SUBR by identifying various features on a web-based system for the computer science department must have. This in turn benefits the students and the department to increase learning outcome and offer larger classes with more sections. This also helps students to do work in a timely manner and allowing teachers to use the quiz engine to reduce the burden from manually grading tests and students keeping up with exam scores. Nonetheless, this web-based application also has certain drawbacks found in this study. The well-created quiz engine ideas are continuously questioned. Moreover, while this tool is relatively inexpensive, it still requires highly skilled and trained faculty and staff administering the web-based system to ensure its manage correctly. The research conducted in this thesis has led to some useful results and conclusions, however it has also uncovered many areas that need additional study. While there may be flaws, publications had noted that the downsides of online education systems could be improved. Furthermore, conclusions of campus based course can gradually change to an online course by starting off with combining the two to get the atmosphere of using an online education course.


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