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Taming technology: Harnessing the power of computers in the ministry of the church

, Asbury Theological Seminary, United States

Asbury Theological Seminary . Awarded


Humankind, created in the image of God, are co-creators with him and are therefore stewards of all subsequent discoveries, inventions, and creative imaginativeness including technology. This study sought to design, implement, and evaluate a workshop to train ministers in the use of technology in ministry. Pre- and post-assessment instruments measured changes in attitude, knowledge, and skill occurring in workshop participants. The post-assessment instrument also measured the participants' satisfaction ratings of course design, content, and methodology.

Thirty-one ministers, varying in age and ministerial experience, participated in the nine-hour workshop covering five areas of technology in ministry: publication, communication, presentation, research, and administration. Workshop design included presentation, demonstration, and simulation through lab experience. Significant positive changes occurred in ten of fourteen attitude items measured, twenty-two of twenty-three knowledge items, and all twenty-three skill items. A significant majority of participants expressed strong satisfaction with course design, content, and methodology.


Lowe, C.M. Taming technology: Harnessing the power of computers in the ministry of the church. Ph.D. thesis, Asbury Theological Seminary. Retrieved February 25, 2021 from .

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