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Validation of key stages of the International Society for Performance Improvement Human Performance Technology model

, Indiana University, United States

Indiana University . Awarded


This study aimed to contribute to the field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) through the validation of key stages and elements of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) HPT model, the most representative and frequently utilized process model in the HPT field.

The study used content analysis as the research methodology and studied thirty HPT business cases. The cases were coded using a researcher prepared protocol including a codebook and coding sheet. Findings in the individual cases were analyzed and aggregated in order to identify actual HPT processes in use in the cases and as epitomized by the ISPI HPT model.

The findings in this research indicate that the detailed processes and elements as depicted in the ISPI HPT model were not fully present in the HPT business cases. However, in many of the cases several elements of the model were present as were the general overall stages and steps of the model. In the areas of performance and cause analysis, actual processes used in the business cases to identify performance gaps differed in part from the model. In addition, the procedure of analysis in the model is depicted as a logical sequence and in the cases is an actual sequence. In the model, intervention implementation and change methods are depicted only in that stage. However, in the cases these elements occur in a number of stages. In addition, conceptual confusion and overlaps among change methods were found in the model and in practice. In the evaluation stage, ISPI HPT model distinctions in the stage of evaluation were not consistently aligned with practice as presented in the cases. The use in the model of meta evaluation was not found in any of the cases. The notion of reflection as an evaluation of overall HPT processes and products was frequently reported in the HPT cases. This is not part of the ISPI HPT model. Finally, based upon the research findings, refinements to the ISPI HPT model were suggested and further research recommendations were presented.


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