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The development and assessment of a prototype descriptive statistics course segment on the World Wide Web

, University of Pittsburgh, United States

Doctor of Education, University of Pittsburgh . Awarded


The World Wide Web has become a useful instructional medium and provides new learning experiences for students that were not previously possible. Considering the potential of this technology, educators have begun to design courses for the web. As a result, a brand new field, Web-Based Instruction (WBI), has emerged.

When educators attempt to design WBI, the content must include sufficient resources to support students' needs and sufficient web-based activities to support learning. This research has applied this new technology to show the development of a web-based course segment to help students learn introductory descriptive statistics.

Another important factor is students' attitudes toward web-based instruction. This research explored the variety of attitudes among student users of the WBI course segment, including (a) Accessing the text information; (b) Accessing multimedia information; (c) Using other Internet services, such as e-mail and forms; (d) Seeking feedback on the course segment related topics (using JavaScript and distribution lists); and (e) Interface design (human computer interaction and screen design). Students' attitudes toward this WBI were described as well as factors that each student thinks are important to improve the instructional design process.

Fourteen graduate students from the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh participated in this research. These participants took the WBI course segment entirely through the web. A questionnaire was placed on the web and personal interviews were used to collect participants' attitudes, and suggestions.

Several results were found in the research. Students' attitudes toward the WBI, including the structure and content, components and features, interface design, and multimedia functions were generally positive. Also, comments from participants were valuable to help instructors to create more interactive teaching and learning environments, such as password protected chatting software. Students also commented that the design of effective WBI demands clear and specific instructional objectives utilizing available components and features of the web, including interaction and feedback.


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