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SBL-online: Implementing studio-based learning techniques in an online introductory programming course to address common programming errors and misconceptions

, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, United States

Doctor of Philosophy, University of Hawai'i at Manoa . Awarded


Much research has been done in regards to student programming errors, online education and studio-based learning (SBL) in computer science education. This study furthers this area by bringing together this knowledge and applying it to proactively help students overcome impasses caused by common student programming errors.

This project proposes a pedagogy for proactive online teaching. Studio-Based Learning Online (SBL-Online) consists of three components, the SBL pedagogy, the strategic timing and content of the SBL sessions and the online nature of the implementation environment. The implementation of SBL-Online aims to provide a better quality of online computer programming courses promoting student-student interaction focused on the discussion of problematic curriculum issues.

Data collected prior to the application of SBL-Online provided counts of common student programming errors. This information was used to create the assignments that were later used during the SBL-Online sessions. In regards to its implementation, this project is two-fold; on the one hand it compares online vs. SBL incarnations of the same course. On the other hand it observes and analyzes what goes on during the SBL-Online sessions.

The data collection includes an end-of-semester questionnaire, a modified version of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire (MSLQ), as well as thick data collection extracted from the course management system, student emails and SBL-Online session video recordings. Recordings’ analyses of student interaction during SBL sessions play a very important role within this study.

The SBL-Online just as its face-to-face counterpart SBL, has shown the potential to help novice programmers overcome the limitations unique to introduction to programming courses. In most cases there is evidence on students’ optimistic state of mind before, during and after SBL sessions highlighting the effects of this treatment. On the other hand there is evidence of renouncing and defeatist thoughts from the control group.

This research provides a unique insight into the inner workings and effects of SBL, including the identification of “learning moments,” student-student interaction and the building of camaraderie. SBL-Online impacted student’s behavior, in different areas of the course, such as, attitude towards peers and attitude towards the course.


Polo, B.J. SBL-online: Implementing studio-based learning techniques in an online introductory programming course to address common programming errors and misconceptions. Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of Hawai'i at Manoa. Retrieved January 22, 2020 from .

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