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The CommonSPACES

, University of Calgary , Canada

Master of Environmental Design, University of Calgary . Awarded


This MDP (Masters Degree Project) begins with the examination of a pertinent and timely work-related issue, namely collaboration as a viable method for aiding increasing complexity within contemporary life. It examines barriers and factors that affect the ability to collaborate to find an area where an appropriate design strategy can be implemented to augment such efforts. An interesting and once again viable area to resolve some of the issues around collaboration was the idea of the shared space. This allowed for the MDP to come to a resolution that both took into account contemporary work-related issues, the way in which designers work, factors affecting collaboration and more specifically ones that occur between freelance knowledge workers and designers as they attempt to solve wicked design problems.

"The CommonSPACES" // v1.0 to the point of well-defined concept was developed in response to the above investigation.

Keywords. Collaboration, Design, Design Process, Shared Space, Software, Online, Connectivity, Informative, Generative, Evaluative, Manage.


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