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Using visual aids to enhance retention and recall of complex information

, Baker College , United States

Baker College . Awarded


Training departments within human service agencies provide extensive training's to increase employee effectiveness. This research will show that a positive correlation exists between understanding and comprehending complex information, that addresses psychiatric emergencies, when presented with the use of visual aids. Data will be generated by using pre and post-test survey questionnaires. The survey groups consist of human service providers who work with psychiatric populations. Workers will be attending a seminar on managing psychiatric emergencies, dealing with aggressive behaviors. Pre-tests will establish training baselines of participants. Post-tests will show levels of retention and recall of presented information. Two groups will be evaluated. One control group using visual aids. One test group without using visual aids. Both groups will receive identical information. In using the questionnaire approach this research will show the validity and usefulness of using visual aids in presenting complex information on the retention and recall levels of participants.


Hampton, S.D. Using visual aids to enhance retention and recall of complex information. Master's thesis, Baker College. Retrieved November 14, 2019 from .

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