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Creative Commons: A New Tool for Schools

Innovate: Journal of Online Education Volume 2, Number 5, ISSN 1552-3233


Technology-savvy instructors often require students to create Web pages or videos, tasks that require finding materials such as images, music, or text on the Web, reusing them, and then republishing them in a technique that author Howard Pitler calls "remixing." However, this requires both the student and the instructor to deal with often thorny legal issues. Does the fair use policy govern this noncommercial use of copyrighted material? Can students use, alter, and publish remixed material, or are they legally required to contact the copyright holder for permission? Pitler tackles these questions and more for educators, providing clear information on the often misunderstood fair use policy and outlining provisions made for educational use in the Copyright Act. He also encourages the use of a new Web site, Creative Commons, that allows authors, artists, and musicians to select specific rights to reserve and to make it clear what uses and modifications they will allow. A Creative Commons license provides clear guidance to students and educators as to how they may legally use the intellectual properties of others and how they may protect their own.


Pitler, H. (2006). Creative Commons: A New Tool for Schools. Innovate: Journal of Online Education, 2(5),. Retrieved August 26, 2019 from .


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