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Translational Bounds for Factorial n and the Factorial Polynomial


Australian Senior Mathematics Journal Volume 23, Number 1, ISSN 0819-4564


During the period 1729-1826 Bernoulli, Euler, Goldbach and Legendre developed expressions for defining and evaluating "n"! and the related gamma function. Expressions related to "n"! and the gamma function are a common feature in computer science and engineering applications. In the modern computer age people live in now, two common tests to determine improved power of new computers are finding new large prime numbers and calculating "n"! for larger values of "n". Therefore it is useful to know how quickly "n"! grows and what tight bounds exist. In this article, the authors discuss the translational bounds for factorial "n" and the factorial polynomial.


Mahmood, M. & Edwards, P. (2009). Translational Bounds for Factorial n and the Factorial Polynomial. Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, 23(1), 31-36. Retrieved May 26, 2019 from .

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