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Bennett's Millpond

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Science Teacher Volume 71, Number 5, ISSN 0036-8555


In a rural Eastern North Carolina county, a team of students and teachers has come together to explore the scientific dynamics of a historic millpond. This article talks about the Bennett's Millpond Environmental Learning Project. The project immerses students and teachers in sustained contact with science technology tools as they study the water quality and meteorological parameters of this local watershed. It centers on collaboration between the student/teacher teams and the community. The "community" encompasses the participating schools (and their respective county resources), the Chowan County citizens and government, the families and friends of the students, and the professional scientific contacts from North Carolina State University. The project goals include the formation of a continuous research team over the duration of the project, innovative use of technologies to enhance student research, support for a network of dialoguing young scientists and teachers with the four involved counties, and the dissemination of the work through a website. Bennett's Millpond is a binding force in Chowan County community. The teams are providing a rich array of scientific background information about this historic location. Because this location is relatively unstudied, the Bennett's Millpond Environmental Learning Project is guiding students to be real leaders in their schools and experts in millpond ecology to the citizens of Chowan County.


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