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Multimedia Search Technologies

, , Concordia University, Canada

AACE Award

Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, in Orlando, Florida, USA ISBN 978-1-880094-58-7 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


One of the most ubiquitous activities related to learning in the digital age is "search". In recent years, computers have rapidly evolved from numeric and text processing to include multimedia, specifically audio, video, and images. However, there are a few methods that exist for searching multimedia, apart from text-based strategies operating on keywords, metadata and filenames. Creating text descriptions for multimedia is resource-consuming and problematic. For example, sounds are difficult to describe in words and as a result, audio collections have been largely inaccessible. This paper will review the different technologies, including open source tools, which have been developed to facilitate multimedia searches. Many of these are based on some form of pattern recognition, and non-textual user input. These tools, though not widely utilized in the world of educational technology, have tremendous potential to facilitate access to, and re-use of, multimedia, offering benefits to learners and instructional developers.


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