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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy

May 02, 2018 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 9

  1. ICL2017 Highlights

    Istvan Simonics, Obuda University

    The theme of ICL2017 Conference was "Teaching and Learning in a Digital World". The event was held in Budapest, Hungary September 27-29, 2017 ( ICL2017 was... More

    pp. 4-6

  2. Shaping the Digital Future in Education – Together

    Dale Martin, Siemens Hungary

    The theme of ICL2017 conference of the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy held in September was “Teaching and Learning in the Digital World”. The topic is particularly relevant today as... More

    pp. 7-9

  3. Creating a BYOD Tour Around Poznan, Poland – A Location-based Project for Teenage Students

    Magdalena Brzezinska, WSB University, Poznan, Poland

    This paper focuses on a project that encompasses place-based learning, location-based learning and problem-based learning in teaching of English as a foreign language. It shows how a project of... More

    pp. 23-31

  4. Pocket Labs Supported IoT Teaching

    Vladimir Cvjetkovic, Faculty of Science University of Kragujevac

    IoT is both a concept and a specific platform with large variety of applications that rapidly become inseparable part of everyday life not only improving it, but making it more interesting and fun.... More

    pp. 32-48

  5. Designing Math Trails for Enhanced by Mobile Learning Realistic Mathematics Education in Primary Education

    Georgios Fesakis, University of the Aegean LTEE Dimokratias 1 85132, Rhodes Greece +302241099151; Pascalina Karta & Kontantinos Kozas, University of the Aegean

    Seeking a systematic combination of the pedagogical model of m-learning with the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach, this study concerns the use of math trail as a learning activity... More

    pp. 49-63

  6. The Use CAD/CAE Systems to Create E-Learning Courses on Technical Subjects at University

    Leonid Khoroshko, Peter Ukhov & Alexey Khoroshko, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Russian Federation

    This article proposes an integrated approach regarding the use of different software for practice-oriented training in engineering disciplines. Emphasis is placed on the formation of a unified... More

    pp. 64-71

  7. A Method to Design a Multi-Player Educational Scenario to Make Interdisciplinary Teams Experiment Risk Management Situation in a Digital Collaborative Learning Game: A Case of Study in Healthcare

    Catherine Pons Lelardeux, IRIT - University of Toulouse - INU Champollion - Serious Game Research Network - Toulouse, France place de Verdun 81000 ALBI France; Michel Galaup, David Panzoli, Pierre Lagarrigue & Jean-Pierre Jessel

    In recent years, there has been an increasing interest for collaborative training in risk management. One of the critical point is to create educational and entirely controlled training... More

    pp. 88-100

  8. Educational Practices for Improvement of Entrepreneurial Skills at Secondary School Level

    Wilfried Lepuschitz, Practical Robotics Institute Austria; Gottfried Koppensteiner, Vienna Institute of Technology Practical Robotics Institute Austria; Ursula Leeb-Bracher & Kurt Hollnsteiner, Vienna Institute of Technology; Munir Merdan, Practical Robotics Institute Austria

    Entrepreneurial knowledge and skills can play a crucial role for young people in order to achieve a bright professional perspective. In this context, entrepreneur-ship education can make a... More

    pp. 101-114

  9. The Use of New Learning Technologies in Higher Education Classroom: A Case Study

    Micaela Esteves, Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão; Angela Pereira, Nuno Veiga, Rui Vasco & Anabela Veiga, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria

    We have conducted a study with higher level education students, in lecture classes of three Undergraduate Courses and one Professional Higher Technical Course that involved six different subjects... More

    pp. 115-127